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Contact Gmail Helpline Number UK to solve all the issues related to Gmail account blocked, forgot/recover a password, etc.

How to Delete Email Address from Gmail App?



When you start to look for a way to remove an account, it may get a little confusing if you are not careful. This is because a few separate ideas may be confused with each other.

The help you can get from the Gmail Support might tell you ways to delete the aforementioned account from Google, turn off the sync option so that you do not have to see the emails that are sent to you, to remove a Gmail account from one specific phone or device remotely, or to remove it from all possible devices that it has been logged on to.

If you wish to remove your Gmail account from one particular device, select the Gmail app on your phone. Next, to the option for ‘inbox’, you will see a four-bar line that will bring out the names of all your folders when you click on it. Right beside account name, you will see a drop-down arrow, which when clicked on, will show some options.

Click on ‘Manage Account’ and select ‘Google’. The top will display three dots. When you click on those dots, it will open up a menu that will give you the option of whether to “Remove account” or “Sync Account”. Here, click on “Remove Account”.

 In another unpleasant scenario, you may have signed in to your Gmail from some other device and then out of habit, may not have signed out. It happens a lot that we forget to sign out of public devices or a friend’s device. In such a case, it can prove a threat to your security and your data and it becomes essential to protect yourself.

 So, we have a solution for you that will help you log out of all unwanted devices with a single click. Once you log in to your email id, you find a link on the bottom side of the extreme right side called “Details”. This will take you to “Last Account Activity”.

 The window that will pop up will show you the details of every session in the past in which your Gmail account was opened up. The login history will appear with all details, including “Date/Time”. You can now check if someone else has access to your account, or if there has been any recent activity from places from where you logged off long ago.

 This will also show you the most recent activity on the account and show the device and place from where you are using the account. Here, select “Sing out of All Other Web Sessions”. This one click will sign you out of every Gmail Account activity automatically and preserve your account from any danger that it was previously exposed to. If you are still not satisfied with the solution given here then for more help you can visit our portal at Gmail Support.


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