HOW DO I INSTALL KASPERSKY ON WINDOWS 10?| Kaspersky Helpline Number +44-800-041-8254

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HOW DO I INSTALL KASPERSKY ON WINDOWS 10?| Kaspersky Helpline Number +44-800-041-8254 0 05 0
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Kaspersky is antivirus software known in the market for providing the users with efficient security measures for all the systems working on any of the operating systems, the advanced technical set up of the software often puts the user into trouble.

If you wish to install Kaspersky on your Windows 10, one of your best options is to install Kaspersky via the Setup Wizard. This will install the application locally without causing much ruckus. To do so, first, go to the download page and install Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows.

Now, before you run the setup, you need to look for files of application installation and extract them. From here on, just follow the instructions given by the wizard. The installations wizard will go through your PC and check if you meet all its Hardware and Software requirements, including checking for incompatible applications and previous versions of Kaspersky.

If any such applications are found, you are allowed to manually delete them while older versions of Kaspersky are deleted automatically. It will also check if you have the required rights for the installation to proceed. A setup window will appear to inform you that the installation is about to begin.

To continue, click ‘Next’. You will be asked to read and accept the terms of the End User License Agreement and then select the type of installation. These are of three types; Basic installation, Standard installation and Custom installation. You can read through them and decide which suits you best.

If you select Custom installation, you are asked to select the components of Kaspersky Endpoint Security that you want to be installed. KATA Endpoint Sensor, Microsoft Bit locker Manager, File Encryption, Drive Encryption, and Bad USB Attack Prevention are the only components that are not selected by default.

Then you can select the path towards the folder in which the application will be saved. Click on Browse and your options will appear before you. If you do not want Kaspersky to scan certain areas, add them to the trusted zone. For this, click on:

• Exclude areas that are recommended by Kaspersky Lab from virus scan scope
• Exclude areas that are recommended by Microsoft from virus scan scope

A previously ticked checkbox titled Protect the Installation Process should ideally be cleared if you are carrying out the installation through Windows Remote Desktop. Click on Ensure compatibility with Citrix Provisioning Services if you need drivers installed in Citrix PVS compatibility mode.

This will only happen if you have Citrix Provisioning Services. Enable the option of Add the path to the file to the system variable %PATH% by clicking on the box before it. This will prevent the path from joining with the .exe file. Now, you will just have to enter this .exe file’s name and the task’s command to start Kaspersky Endpoint security.

The installation process may take a little time. Once you’ve waited enough and the installation finishes, you can use Initial Configuration Wizard to activate Kaspersky and collect all the information about the operating system’s applications. If you are still not able to understand the installation procedure then for further help ask the experts at Kaspersky Contact Number UK.

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